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GDCh-Vortrag: Prof. M. Furchter


Prof. Matthew Furchter, Imperial College, Londen (GB)

Gastgeber: nn

Titel: Arylazopyrazoles: High Performance Photoswitches with Applications from Photopharmacology to Thermal Storage


14.07.2021, 16:30 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr

TC—Seminar SS 2021

Thursday, 3:30 h pm 20.05.21 The Gradienator Fabian Dinkelbach
Thursday, 2:00 h pm 27.05.21 Erzeugung adiabatischer Franck-Condon-Spektren unter Verwendung interner Koordinaten Tobias Böhmer
Thursday, 3:30 h pm 27.05.21 K6: A New DFT/MRCI-Hamiltonian for Double Excitations Dennis Dombrowski
Thursday, 3:30 h pm 10.06.21 Two for One - Exciton Fission in Tetra- and Pentacene Dimers Timo Schulz
Wednesday, 2:00 h pm 16.06.21 Photophysics of Xanthone:  The Role of Internal Conversion Mario Bracker
Thursday, 3:30 h pm 17.06.21 Reaction Discovery for Chemical Reaction Networks Jan Meisner      
Thursday, 3:30 h pm 24.06.21 Luminescence of Zinc(II) Dithiolate Complexes Nora Lüdtke
Thursday, 3:30 h pm 01.07.21 TADF in Purely Organic Chromophores, a rISCy Business? Jeremy Kaminski
Thursday, 3:30 h pm 08.07.21 ISC and Triplet–Triplet Energy Transfer in a Rigid Spiran Simon Metz
Wednesday, 2:30 h pm 14.07.21 Computing Chromophores in Complex Environments: Problems and Solutions Simon Hédé
Thursday, 3:30 h pm 22.07.21 (c)cPP – Surveillance of Circularly Polarised Phosphorescence Jasper Guhl