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Foto von Angela Rodriguez Serrano

Dr. Angela Rodriguez Serrano
Post. Doc.
+49 211 81-14389
Universitätsstr. 1 Gebäude: 26.32.
Etage/Raum: 03.36


Areas of interest:

  • Relaxation processes of electronically excited states of organic chromophores: fluorescence, phosphorescence, internal conversion and intersystem crossing.

  • Photophysics of organic materials (e.g. oligomers) with potential application in optoelectronics e.g. solar cells or light emitting diodes.

  • Excited state properties of photosensitizers with antioxidant activity against singlet oxygen (1O2)



Angela Rodriguez-Serrano, Fabian Dinkelbach and Christel M. Marian. Intersystem crossing processes in the 2CzPN emitter: A DFT/MRCI study including vibrational spin–orbit interactions. Phys. Chem Chem. Phys., accepted (2021). DOI: 10.1039/D0CP06011A

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